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[ID:6][WORKSHOP] PINK! Workshop Montgomery (Jackie_Francis)


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PINK Workshop.jpg


Business Profile



Business Name: PINK! Workshop Montgomery

Owner Name: Jackie_Francis


Detailed description of your business:

After a 3 month of business in San Andreas. Jackie made a risky business maneuver to acquire a Workshop in Montgomery, small town in middle of Red County. With this expansion, she hopes to also expand her influence. She was able to acquire this workshop with fund she made selling the farmlands in Blueberry and investments from some close business partners.


Company Information


Company: PINK! Cooperation

Headquarters: Fort Carson

Brand font: Gabriola

Brand color (RGB / Hex): 255 100 150 / #ff6496


  • Jackie_Francis (100%)




Advertisement Formats:

  • PINK! Workshop Montgomery is the place you need to repair, modify, or upgrade your cars! Transfender only!
  • Apakah kalian cari workshop Transfender? Ayo datang ke PINK! Workshop di Montgomery saja!
  • Telah dibuka, PINK! Workshop yang berlokasi di Montgomery! Ayo modif dan upgrade kendaraan Transfender!
  • PINK! Workshop Montgomery siap melayani modift Transfender, upgrade, dan repair mobil. Harga termurah!

Poster (/tag) Formats:

  • [Meet our Staff] Zahra - 9000031(e)Ola - 200122(e)Melie - 2114(e)Nora - 2435(e)Giselle - 260725
  • [Pricelist] Repair: $50 - $250(e)Respray: $30(e)Modding: $35(e)Upgrade: $170


Board text:

  Reveal hidden contents


Job Assignment


Berikut adalah tugas-tugas yang harus dikerjakan oleh pegawai PINK! Garage:

  • Pegawai harus selalu siap untuk melayani pelanggan dengan ramah dan baik.
  • Pegawai harus bisa menjaga lingkungan workshop agar tetap bersih.
  • Pegawai wajib membuat laporan kerja 2 kali per minggu, maksimal 1 kali per hari.
  • Pegawai diminta juga untuk menawarkan layanan lain yang ditawarkan oleh PINK! Co. saat melayankan pelanggan.


OOC Rules


  • Selama kamu menjadi pegawai PINK!, pelanggaran peraturan server dapat membuat kamu diberhentikan.
  • Patuhi semua peraturan business yang berlaku!
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